1.FIFA17 Coins(Player Auction)

(1) STEP 1

(2) Select your console's FIFA17 Coins

(3) Choose the list of players you want to sell and add to the shopping cart.

(4) List the player on the transfer market for 3 days. Remember the "Start Price" and "Buy Now Price".

(5) Please enter if there is a coupon code.

Tips: Make sure the players in the transfer market do not have the same price so that we can finish faster.We eventually "buy now price" deal.

(6) STEP

(7) Thank you for purchasing our products

2.FIFA17 Coins (Comfort Trade)

Comfort Trade:
In order for us to complete a comfort trade order we need the following information:
All the login information for the FIFA Ultimate Team Web App (http://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app)
(1) Email
(2) Password
(3) Origin codes (https://account.origin.com/cp-ui/security/index?ga... & select the option to view your backup codes)
(4) Security answer

You must have at least 2,000 coins on your account
You also must have the market on the web app account unlocked, please double check this before ordering.